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NYC-Inquiry Wiki!

This wiki was created to encourage communication and collaboration among participants in Inquiry Professional Development offered by our office. There have been two such offerings to date, the IIM/IFC July 2006 Training and the iQuest 4 Summer Inquiry Institute August 2007. The NYC-Inquiry Wiki is a powerful vehicle for such collaboration and we hope you will use it to share ideas, lessons and resources as well as to discuss instructional strategies used in inquiry.

On this wiki you will find documents, photos and templates and the lessons that were created during the two trainings. There is also a page of resources and a selection of lessons created by participants.

A note about wikis --- with a wiki we are "all" authors of this space with the ability to revise and enhance information on this space. Simply select "Edit This Page" make changes and save. You will also notice that each page has a "discussion" option. If there is a conversation that you'd like to have, this is where we can collect our discussion thoughts and ideas.

To get started you will notice there is a navigation bar on the left side of the page. Simply click on the the appropriate link to go to the page you want. Once there you can read or edit the material.

I hope you enjoy this cyber adventure!


Elizabeth Naylor-GutiƩrrez, Coordinator

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